Handmade Headwear
All SIBI hats are crafted from very fine blends collected worldwide. Each piece is fully handmade using exquisite traditional millinery techniques.
Hat leads your style


The brand is founded by designer Sibi Schmitz who has always been fascinated by designing and making hats.

Before launching her own hat brand SIBI, she has had the chance to work with different milliners and observe the lifestyles and fashion perceptions of almost 40 different cultures around the world. Her designs present simplicity and luxury in the form of headwear crafted with passion.

All SIBI hats are crafted from the fine blends collected worldwide. Each piece is fully handmade using exquisite traditional Millinery techniques.
Having been a real hat person all her life, Sibi definitely believes that

'A Hat leads one’s style'.


Use a tape measure to determine the lenght. Wrap the tape gently, not too tight around your head just above top of ears, completely circling your head.
Basically all you need is to measure your head exactly where you want your hat to sit. If you fall between sizes, choose the next largest size. Please measure 2-3 times to be acurate.

If you have any furter questions or wish for extra sized hat please contact us  for support.


Your handmade SIBI hat is delicate. It needs to be loved and used gently.
Please do not forget that your hat was not designed to be worn in the rain, however it can survive some showers.

If your hat gets wet: Let it dry naturally at room temperature as otherwise it may shrink.
Do not leave your hat in a hot car, window or direct sunlight.

FELTS: Use a bit steam of your kettle and a soft brush to remove the dirt always brushing gently and counter clockwise.
WOWENS: We recomend spot or gentle dry cleaning. 
STRAWS: Wet tissue will help you remove the stain.
Hats should generally not be cleaned by anyone but a hat maker. 

The best way to store a hat or headband it is in it's box, stuffed with tissue paper, which will ensure a lifetime of wear.

If your SIBI needs some extra care please contact us.