Your handmade SIBI hat is delicate. It needs to be loved and used gently.
Please do not forget that your hat was not designed to be worn in the rain, however, it can survive some showers.


If your hat gets wet: Let it dry naturally at room temperature as otherwise, it may shrink.
Do not leave your hat in a hot car, window, or direct sunlight.


FELTS: Use a bit of steam from your kettle and a soft brush to remove the dirt always brushing gently and counterclockwise.
WOWENS: We recommend spot or gentle dry cleaning.
STRAWS: Wet tissue will help you remove the stain.
Hats should generally not be cleaned by anyone but a hat maker.


The best way to store your SIBI is in its box, stuffed with tissue paper, which will ensure a lifetime of wear.

If your SIBI needs some extra care please contact us.